Backup your backups.. Get a "person".

May 3, 2016

Most of my blog posts are mainly for engaged couples.  This one, however, is for the photographers as well.   Some of this post will be fairly simple,  yet I will admit some is going to be very emotional for me.  

A common question that is asked by potential clients is "what is your backup plan?"  

As a photographer dealing with clients priceless images I have a multi level backup system. 


While photographing the wedding,  typically during cocktail hour,  a backup of images that have been taken so far is made.   (these are the images that I use to create the same day slideshow for your guests to enjoy) 


When I return home from the wedding the task of downloading all images to the servers begins.  I use a program called PhotoMechanic that has proven invaluable to me over the years.   Images are downloaded simultaneously to two locations.  My editing drive and an external raid. 

I've been DROBO user for awhile now.  Its simple..  does exactly what it says it will do when there is an issue with a drive.  Another excellent option would be Synology NAS Disk Station

A cloud based backup like CrashPlan that will give that extra level of redundancy is also suggested.

With this simple system..  I have master images in multiple locations.    They KEY to any backup system is simplicity...  It has to automated or else you will eventually miss a step,  miss a backup, something. 

ALL hard drives fail.  Its just a question of when. 

Ok,  now for the emotional portion of this post. What does one do if something happens to the photographer?  No,  I don't mean what happens if you have a case of the sniffles..  If you have a cold you deal with it.  I've done triples with a pulled hamstring.  I mean a major life changing event.

This past December, Tim,  my long time 2nd shooter/assistant/partner and best friend passed away.   It had been decided years ago in the event anything was to happen to either of us we would manage each others company on behalf of the family.   While, when we made this agreement I truly never thought I would have to use it. I will admit It was a much easier transition simply because we already had a plan.  

So,  if you are a boutique type studio,  Sole Proprietor and run your business on your own.   Get yourself a "person". If you are a bride interviewing photographers.  Ask them "what is your backup plan?"

He was my person and I was his.

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