Weather, The one thing we can't control!

May 24, 2016

"What do we do if it rains?"

Its a popular question,  and I can't blame anyone for asking.   The weather is that one factor that we truly have no control over.   So if we can't change something...  we deal with it. 


Ok,  I will admit that "Deal with it"...  well, That can sound a little harsh.    I prefer "Take advantage of it"


Some weather advice..   STAY OFF THE 10 DAY FORECAST!   *said with love*  It will only give you anxiety and is never accurate..    The only thing I've ever seen accurate on a 10 day forecast is the date..  

If you are still searching for your photographer (or any vendor)  Ask "What kind of vehicle do you drive?"     The appropriate answer should be obvious but I personally have always owned a 4WD or AWD.

When you select your venue,  Look for interesting locations inside..    If its cold,  rainy, or 100 degree heat..   Having an indoor option is always nice

When all is said and done,  the one thing I can guarantee is that the weather will not change our
ability to take memorable photos.   If anything it gives that added bonus to create images that your friends and family
have never seen before. 

Enjoy your day,  your friends and family.  

Locations for the images in this post:
The Desoto images - Branch Brook Park
The Fog Photos - Garret Mountain Reservation
Snow photos - Il Villaggio ,  The Richfield Regency & The Addison Park
Umbrella Rain - Rock Island Lake Club
Blue Rain -  The Palace Somerset Park

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