Wedding day scheduling tips Part 2 - Ceremony

May 1, 2016

In my previous post about Wedding day schedules, I discussed some simple tips I've often used when establishing a stress free timeline for your wedding day. 

Today's tips help with the ceremony portion;  Just some odd, random things brides rarely think of.   Most of these are geared towards a church-based wedding, but can be applied towards other locations and denominations as well.   

1) "The priest says the ceremony is 45 minutes long"...  False! 

Well,  It's more of a half truth.   HIS portion is 45 minutes;  however once you add processional and recessional, its easily over an hour.  If you add family photos after that then you are on the property a total of 90 minutes.  As long as you take that into account when doing your schedule, you will be fine

2) Question, "Do I need to do a receiving line?"

Answer:  Depends. If you are tight on time this is an easy way to save 20 minutes. Now, granted 95% of my clients get to enjoy their cocktail hour so this is always an easy thing to skip as they will be able to greet guests at that time. If you do not plan on going into the cocktail hour, it is expected that you do a receiving line. How do you skip a receiving line? You skip a receiving line like so...  Exit church, go to the side and come back in through the back entrance. Hide in a side room OR go up to the balcony of the church (see photos below).

3)  Family photos after the ceremony.  

So, while I love the portion the day when I get to create cool and fun images.  I still feel is extremely important to dedicate some time for family photos. 

- The "A-list" =  Grandparents, Parents,  Siblings + spouses and children if they have them.  

-If members of  your bridal party are married and his or her spouse is NOT in the bridal party.  Make sure the spouse is aware they will be needed after ceremony.   I can't tell you how often a spouse, usually the husband  (Sorry guys!!)  heads home or to the hotel not realizing he will be needed.

-Grandparents.   If grandparents have any issues walking or standing I will just have them stay put at the end of the ceremony.  "Don't you go anywhere,  we will be right back" 

I do have a very methodical and calculated way of doing family groups. It has proven to be very efficient and inclusive of all the key players with multiple combinations. 

Thirty minutes is typically more time than needed.

In summary,  you have so many variables that need to be accounted for when planning your big day.   I often compare it to playing a game of chess,  meaning while I am doing one thing I am planning what will happen next.   This allows a nice casual flow for my clients.   

Planning a wedding is a big job in itself and some clients do it very well on their own.  If this seems overwhelming in the least I do encourage everyone consider hiring a wedding planner.    Its not supposed to be stressful! 

A few planners I've had the pleasure of working with multiple times.

Jenny Orsini Events
Kathi Evans - ATB
Tina Lamorte - Oh So Fab

Hire a planner - Enjoy your day.  


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